Nephro Navigator Nurse position at VA

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Hey there

I am looking for any info regarding a position that I am interviewing for this week at the VA. It is called a Nephro Navigator Nurse....Anyone out there with knowledge about this kind of role? If so, I would love to hear further about it. I am an RN-BSN with 19 years of experience in the critical care setting. This would be a M-F position and would best fit our family needs at this time in our lives. I wanted to go into the military years ago, but my family was against it....SO, this could be the next best way to be able to serve our country and help those who are willing to sacrifice. It would be a complete honor!!

Also, I understand that I would be a Grade 2 with my BSN, but how would the "steps" of experience calculate with the salary?

Any help would be appreciated!! :)

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