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Hello research nurses,

Do any of you work in neonatal research? If yes, what are the requirements and generally what do you do on a daily basis?

I am very interested in working as a clinical research coordinator in neonatalogy eventually. I currently work in pediatric neurology and PRN in the NICU. My passion is neonatal and I know I would LOVE the research aspect of it.

Are there a lot of opportunities for nurses in neonatal research?

Thanks so much!!!


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I think there are opportunities.... but start first in the unit you are in. Ask the docs and NPs on your unit if they are involved in any neonatal research. If you are working at a hospital that has a medical school, your odds increase that they are. If not, they probably know someone who is. I work in research (not NICU but I've worked NICU in the past and some of our docs were doing research). In our area there is a teaching hospital affiliated with the medical school and I know they do research there. Good luck!

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