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Neonatal nurse in Seattle Wa

by Hilen Hilen (New) New

I'm currently a senior in high school and I've always love kids especially babies my little brother was a preemie and since then I've been interested in neonatal nursing. I'm doing a career English essay of our career choice and of course I picked neonatal nurse we have to write as we were informing a reader who's interested in this career. Ive been trying to Google the salary in seattle wa but I cant find anything and the working conditions, how many hours, if its fun or stressful the qualifications/ special skills, atmosphere/ job demands

I know its a lot to read but it will help me a lot :)

Salary (dot) com will allow you to look up salary. If you can't specify neonatal I would guess that a general registered nurse salary would be identical. Some hospitals offer more for critical care, but that's not necessarily the norm. As for working conditions take a look for NICU conditions. I am only a first semester nursing student and don't have any exposure to the NICU but it is an intensive care area. There is a specific board for NICU nursing under the nursing specialties section. As far as hours, it can vary. Nurses do all sorts of shifts. Typically they are 8 or 12 hours. As far as if it's 'fun' that's up to the individual. I don't know that I would consider any job really fun.


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Hello, just browsing through threads. I'm currently a neonatal ICU RN in DC and a former neurosurgery RN. Message me with more specific questions if you would like.

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