Negotiating new pay rate after contract signed


Hi guys, I signed a travel contract for x dollars a week a couple of weeks ago. In continuing to  monitor what the environment is like out there, I discovered that the facility I'm going to is now paying over $800 a week more!! For the same shift and start date. This contract does not start for 3 more weeks. I contacted my recruiter, but have not heard back yet. Yes, I know it's a contract, but I've renegotiated parts after signing before. Have any of you all any experience with this situation? The thought of showing up and having a bunch of people doing the same gig as I am and making so much more is annoying. I know it happens all the time, but I've been in this s*%$ show called Covid in the ER for nearly 2 years now and not a penny of hazard pay. And I know a lot of you are in the same boat. I appreciate any comments you may have. Thank you!

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I’ll tell you what they told me after they increased the rate for my job by $1000/week. You signed the contract at that rate, which indicated that you were agreeable to the rate provided. Unfortunately, unless you break the contract and attempt to be submitted through another agency (an unlikely positive outcome) your agreed to rate will remain the number you agreed to. You are free to renegotiate after the contract for a higher rate upon extension. Good luck