Needing ideas on a PN interview.


Hi to all readers,

I discovered your site as I sought info in this field as I considered doing further training. In April I did a group screening for this field in a College. I was not accepted. The reasons were I Dominianted the group, I was not able to complete the written questions in the required time, and I did not answer the question in the way it was set down on the page.

To say I was not disappointed at the time is a understatement. However, I am pleased over the feedback I recieved and do realize I presently am not ready to tackle school again. I have a certificate in Youth Work but no degree and as a 50 year old who has been working for 15 years in this area it seemed best to continue my education.

Can someone give me some ideas on the above comments for not being accepted. The college instructors who did the group screening are away on holiday. I have some ideas from friends and family who say to dominate is to not be able to listen, to be focused on my own self being heard. This is an area I have come to realize is a weakness. I'm great at monologes but weaker in conversing.

Could people give me ideas of how I can imprve my listening and conversing skills.

Thanks Kurt

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