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hi everyone and i know with all this experience upon this site i may be at the right place for some help this is my problem im trying to get where all of you are at i went to a school in delaware county for lpn and i was doing so good but in the begining of school 2nd level when it was time to test out for are skills the coordinator of the program was checking me on bp and by me being a cna for 5 yrs thats all i did and i know how to take vs very well but when we both were lisening for a bp i knew i was right by giving her the correct answer on what it was make a long story she said it wasnt right and i got her to get another instructor to test and i was right so from there out she called into her office and told me straight out to watch my back so i knew from here on out that she was out for me now a friend of mines who already went here told me about storys of how this women goes after students she didnt like and to stay on her good side but i guessed that if i did every thing right and kept up my grades that she couldnt touch me well iwas wrong i made it all the way thru up to 3rd level at the end when when we took atest and the test came back that i got an 78 when i knew i got an 80 for that test so i went to the instructor and she said ok and it was several of us who test where wrong off like 2 points so she gave us the answers and told all of us to recheck them circle the ones the sconner marked wrong ang give them back so she can add the points so we all did i found the 2 that were wrong and gave it back well by lunch the cooridinator called me into her office and told me i cheated on the test by changing the answer after the fact and said that i witness told her that now that never happen and i filed a grievence got a so called hearing and at that hearing if they had a witness they had to be there again there was no one there and i even had a witness who told them that she was there when the test checking went on and she told them that she never seen me do any thing but cicle the ones that was marked wrong now i am an black american in a very upddy school so any way can you guess that the school gave me a zero for that grade and that grade was 20%of my grade so there was no way that i could pass out of that level so by them rail roading me like that i did what anyone would do i still had like 1 month left in that level so i kept going passed all of my tests and at the end they took my grade from me but if they didnt i would of opassed that subject med surg 2 with a 82 and i passed everything else in the 80,s too so now i got a lawyer to fight with me but he said it would drag out for yrs so i said that ok i want to be an lpn sooo bad that i will just beleave it or not go back to the same school and be done in feb 2004 now when this happen i was 1 month away from graduating i went to school for 11 months passed with good grades so i wanted to be done thats why i was willing to go back there and all the other school are booked up until 2005 where i live and they all will start me at the begining so before i could even write the letter to ask to go back to this school the school wrote me and told me that i couldn,t come back so now i am out of 10,000 i have to pay back plus no other school will take my credits and io will have to wait at least 2yrs to even get back into another program and then pay all over again plus do the yr over !!!! is there any thing i can do to be able to sit for the nclex i know i will pass with flying colors or do any of you no what if any thing i can do to stop me from having to repay that school or anyone i can write who will investagate that school so this wont happen to anyone else this coordinator doesnt like please help me i need it so bad thank you

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