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need urgent help on a project, please...

sachi sachi (New) New

Hi. i have a project due on thursday. i am doing a accelerated class and need to interview a nurse anesthetist for a speech i have to do. i know its really late but this class really does not give us much time to prepare and with a toddler, job...most of you know how it is! please email me at malaikame@yahoo.com if you are interested (can do it online or on the phone which i would prefer). it will take about 30 min and it will be questions about the job and anesthesiologist versus nurse anesthetist.

i will check this site often in the next 24 hours so please email or reply here if you have the time/want.

btw, i chose this topic because i am really interested in this field of nursing. i got accepted into the nursing program close to home for the fall! yeah!



I sent you a PM, check your messages

loisane crna

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