need tips/tricks/advices to start a group home


Hello. Tried the search function but didnt get the answers that i needed. First off, hello to everybody. Im an LPN in Vancouver, Canada. Migrated here 4 years ago with a degree in Biology (very few of my school units were credited argh). Started as an RCA right away, then became an LPN 1 year ago (i needed this course to get a shortcut to my BSN next year). Anyway me and my friend (RN) planned to start a group home (both of us have been planning long time ago and thought this is the time to realize it). Our target is to have 5-6 "Person-in-care" (new term for "resident" courtesy of the new Act). We already have a place ready (luckily one of my friend bought a used-to-be-a-care-home and agreed to get it rented). I never thought getting a license is this tough. Lots of requirements and regulations. Our status right now is were on day 5 of planning and getting all the requirements done (yes we spend at least 4 hours a day finishing all the requirements),with a house ready(it has everything, from sprinklers, to exit doors, to fire extinguishers, smoke alarm, basement is w/c accessible, bars, etc) and preparing to submit our application. is there anything we need to prepare ourself for? i guess my point of posting is to get ideas from people who have done it and has tips on how to prepare for the big licensing and inspection. Sorry for the long post.

Thanks in advance and more power to this forum (has helped me a lot to be able to survive the LPN training) God bless.

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