Need to take TEAS out of state


I need to take the TEAS. I'm going to go to school in a different state than where I live, and the school I want to go to does not offer a TEAS date AFTER I take finals where I currently live. I don't want to be cramming for TEAS, traveling to take it and taking my three finals for this semester all in one week.

The schools where I live that offer the TEAS all say on the ATI registration site that the exam is only for applicants to that specific school. How can they do that? Do those schools really expect people to take the TEAS over and over again at each school they will apply to? If not, then what is the harm of signing up? Are they not going to release my scores to the school I do apply to, but isn't that ATI's responsibility? I really need to take the test where I live and after finals, but the testing centers around me seem to be blocking the general public from taking the exam.


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Ah, just figured it out! I have to register through the PSI portal.