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So I kind of lost some steam a bit because I can't apply to the nursing program in Jan., due to not having AP2 yet. I just don't know what I want to do with my schedule, now that I won't be applying. I had it in my head that I would be taking pharm. and the other psych. in the spring, and that I might go ahead and get micro. out of the way, for the ADN. I thought I would be in an LVN program come summer, then glide right on into the ADN portion. (this is the way my school does it but I'll be applying to others) So basically, I'll still need pharm., AP2, psych. lifespan to apply next Jan. I will also have micro., english, sociology, and humanities/fine arts elective for ADN. I'm also thinking about taking a math class to brush up, though none is required.

We have early registration in two weeks and I really want to get it done then, so I don't lose spots for classes. I just feel kind deflated. It's hard for me to wait another year and half before I can start. To be honest I feel a little unmotivated (don't freak, my grades are still As). I guess I was expecting to know what I HAD to do, to ease right on into a summer LVN program. Now I have all this time to get these classes done and I just want to be doing something health related.

What do you think would be an optimal schedule with the classes I have left? I'll probably be doing a lot of them online. All but 1 have been online until now and it works good for me and the kids. Though I'm not apposed to classroom. I keep tossing around the idea of CNA/PCA but I'm not sure how much I would be able to work right now. I thought about volunteering but not sure if I would be able to do anything health related without being certified in anything. So if I'm not going to work with a CNA/PCA, is it worth it to get certified to just volunteer? I feel like I need someone to apply the paddles and yell, "clear"! I need a little boost. What do I do with my now open, boring schedule?


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Have you thought about continuing on to a BSN after you finish the ADN?

I may be misunderstanding.... You want to apply in January for the nursing program that starts in September, but you can't because you haven't yet completed AP2? AP2 is a prereq, not a coreq? You can't apply with the understanding that you will complete AP2 by the time the nursing program starts in Sept?

I think the BSN question is a good one - if you're going to continue on to a BSN you could start taking courses that you'll need for the BSN.

If it's an option, I'd take any classes that might increase my understanding of other subjects necessary for my degree. Chemistry? Medical Terminology? Advanced BIO classes. Coming from the opposite direction (someone who barely has time to take one class a semester) there are many classes I wish I had the time to take to increase my understanding of other subjects.

Best of luck.

Yes, for the program at my school both A&Ps are required to apply, along with General Psych (which I already have). I signed up for AP2 but had to drop it because it ended up taking all of my time and I couldn't get to my other classes done (long story short, I took it with the same teacher as AP1, with the understanding that it would be set up the same way and since I had done the other in the summer and did fine and ended with an A, I thought I would have no problem in Fall. It didn't end up being the same work load because the book changed and the class set up changed and the instructor didn't realize until the third week of class that the work was too much and was having a tough time herself keeping up. Even though she knew it was too much work, she said she was going to wait til the following semester to see what to cut. I hated it, I cried, but I had to drop it).

I could apply to an LVN program at another school I want to apply to for ADN but the LVN program is five days a week all day. I have young children and I'm just not ready for that. Their ADN program is 3.5 days but I will need the majority of pre and co-reqs done to have a shot at getting in. The way most schools are set up here is that even the LVN programs require the ADN pre and co-reqs and even though you can apply to a few (not the two closest to me) without AP2, you really have no chance of getting in without it. These schools are competitive but really only if you don't have all or most of your classes done before you apply. If I had the AP2, I most likely would have gotten in and just needed to do pharm. and lifespan and dev. during the program.

I know what you mean about wishing you had the time to take more classes. I have five children, so I am busy but honestly I have nothing else in life going on but school and my home. I practically live in the woods and can sometimes see no one else but my children for three weeks at a time, other than church. So even though I could busy myself with my children and my home, I have finally come to the conclusion that I need to be doing something else in life. I don't have to work but I want to be a nurse (always have) and because of the above situation, I'm hoping it's sooner rather than later. At this point I feel like I contribute nothing to life (other than my children of course). I want to be helping people. I don't feel like me anymore because I don't.

Anyway, enough of that. As far as BSN, I have thought about it butit is not a priority. I will have some of the classes required for a BSN when I get done with this, just because my program requires some of them. Since I am thinking about taking a math class, I may look at a stats class.

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I live in a rural area myself. Winter here reminds me of The Shining. =) I'll be working on some of my general education classes for my BSN while I'm waiting to get into the ADN program. I'm lucky in that I don't have to work right now but I get a little frazzled sometimes just having one young child. I can't imagine doing this with five. That's pretty inspiring!

Thank you! Three of mine are in school and the other two do parents day out twice a week. By the time I get into the program another will be in school and the other will start school half way through my program. I think it's pretty inspiring of you to be doing it with one little one. I think women really need something else in life, to be good moms.

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I agree. My little one and I were involved in a bad fall when she was 8 weeks old. She suffered a brain injury and spent a week in the PICU. That was why I chose nursing, so that I could help others the way that her nurses helped us. Her father is also returning to school to become a paramedic. We figure that between the two of us we should have just about any medical emergency covered in the future. =)

Good for you! That was always one of my fears when my babies were young. I'm glad a very good thing is coming out of your ordeal. Good for you! I have always wanted to be a nurse but I had similar feelings, to yours, about the nurses I have had and one of my children had during hospital stays.

Have you thought about volunteering at a hospital? I would think it would provide you with good insight into some of the inner workings, and provide you with experience that you could accentuate when it's time to start looking for a job after you finish schooling.

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