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I am applying to nursing school for the Spring quarter and am feeling kinda down...I went and talked to my nursing school I plan on applying to and she suggested I retake my English & Human Development class to boost my GPA...I have a 3.1 and if I get A's in my next 3 classes I will have a 3.45. I was planning on applying for this Winter quarter. Has anyone else been in this situation? I know this is what I want to do so I am going to take these classes and get A's...I just feel like this process is never ending! Anyone else been in this situation? I just want to know I'm not alone in this.... thanks in advance!

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Why can't you do both? Plan on registering for English and Human Development in the spring, but also apply to the nursing program. If you get into the nursing program, then clearly don't worry about the two courses. However, if you are unable to get it, then retake the two courses to boost your GPA and reapply the following fall term. The statistics for each entering class are often times different. You will not know unless you try.


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In my program, the GPA wasn't too important. They were more interested in how well we had done in our pre-reqs and how long ago they were finished; the older, the better.