Need Some Advice (2nd degree student, asn vs. bsn related)


Right now, I'm a pre nursing student at a community college. I have a waiting list number, I'm about to finish all my pre-req's next year, and am on track to start nursing classes in the fall of 2012 for an ASN. Only problem is, I already have an associate's degree in liberal arts, so due to the fact that I have exceeded the maximum amount of credit hours for an associate's, my financial aid is being denied. I appealed their decision, and they reinstated my aid for this year. But, I have two more years of clincials to go and who's to say they will give me two more chances?

I started thinking, and even though I really didn't want to have to go this direction, it might make more sense to go for the BSN. It'll be like starting this upcoming school year as a brand new freshman in college. I will have to finish up pre-req's for the college's BSN requirements, apply for their BSN program, then go to school full time for 3 years. I have a job, I pay my own bills, the college is much farther away. It will cost A LOT more then I originally planned on and take more time, but If I get the fin. aid for it and the benefits of having a BSN outweigh the strain this will put on me, I might just have no choice.

I have a relative who is willing to help me out if push comes to shove, but I don't want to have to rely on anyone else for this and I REALLY do not want to have to take out any private loans. I know I've read about people being put on payment plans at CC, but 400/ month plus all my other expenses? That's a little much.

Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read.


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So you're 3 yrs out regardless of what you do. You can go for the BSN and end up with a higher tuition repayment. Or you can go for the ASN, try to appeal your financial aid or have a relative help you out. You can always get your BSN while working with maybe employer incentive.

I would try to make it work with the ASN. You're right it will be more expensive on the BSN track and all you would be doing is forbearing paying off a higher tuition. I'm assuming that part of financial aid includes student loans.

I say stay on your current track and try to appeal your financial aid again. If that doesn't work, take the CC up on payment plans, swallow your pride and accept help from the willing relative. If you feel bad about it, make it contractual and pay them back with interest.....after you get a job:D.

Good luck with whatever path you choose.


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I have a plan. Since I need Microbiology, A+P 1, and A+P 2 for both programs next year, I'm going to take those classes. For the BSN I need Chemistry 2 and Chem 3. I'm really good at chemistry, so I'm going to take those next year as well and apply for the BSN and see if I get in. If I don't, no big deal, I'll still have my number for the ASN program and I can just do that. If I do get in, it's a pretty big deal because the BSN program is competitive. I will accept the position and probably join the air force to pay for the rest of my school since you need to be in a BSN program to join.


88 Posts seem like you have a plan A and a plan B. That's perfect.

I'm love Chemistry too (took analytical chem for fun........I know, I'm a masochistic nerd). What is Chem 3? I took a year of Chem and my school transferred, what I thought was Chem 2, as Chem 3. I don't quite understand because I only took 2 sem of Chem. Is there an Intro Chem class that counts as Chem 1?


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at my school chem 2 is a 5 hour course and chem 3 is a 2 hour one it looks like? or i can take a chemistry and life course that counts for both of them and it's 4 credit hours, so obviously i'll do that one. last year, when i wasn't even planning on going the bsn route, i took gob chem 1, which was basically an intro to chemistry class, it was the easiest class i've ever taken in my life! hopefully the other chem class will be smooth sailing as well because i'm taking it the same quarter as a&p 2