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After a long absence from critical care nursing, I am returning to work as a school nurse. This is a new position for the school and they are uncertain-as am I- what the scope of my job will be. Any suggestions for getting started? Resources, reference books, etc...Thanks

I, too, entered school nursing through home health, after a lengthy maternity loa (10 years). My position was also a new one in a private school setting, which generally allows more leeway than public schools. I wrote our Exposure Control Plan, Crisis Management Plan, policies regarding medications, OTC meds, emergency meds, etc. I give faculty & staff flu & Hep B vaccines, teach a few classes, give "guest lectures" to students and parents. Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions. Contact The National Association of Schol Nursrs, P.O.Box 1300, Scarborough, Maine, 04070-1300 and your state nurses association.

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