need a research topic.


hello.. i need a topic on our research... and still i don't have one. could you please help me to find the best research topic?? i need it badly.. thanks a lot! :nurse::)

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Here is a method for picking a topic that will assure that your topic:

1. Is an area of interest to you

2. Is do-able. The information you will need to do the project will be avaialble.

3. Fits the requirements of your assignment.


1. Identify some very general fields that interest you. Don't be too specific at this point. Think broadly. Geriatrics? Pediatrics? Community health? Cardiac? Orthopedics? etc. What type of nurse are you? What specialty are you in?

2. Go to the library and browse nursing journals that focus on your specialty. Notice the topics that are of interest to people in that specialty. Which topics interest you most? Start narrowing the possibilities down to 3 or 4 at this point.

3. Do focused literature search on each of those 3 or 4 topics. Quickly skim the type of literature available on those topics. For which of those topics can you find the type of information you will need to do the project?

4. Review the requirements of your assignment. Combine all the information you got in the previous steps. Which of your possible topics best fits your project requirements? Choose that topic.

This method yields a topic that interests you ... and fits the requirements of the assignement ... and assures that the information you need to do the project will be available for you. What more could you want?

Simply pulling topics out of the air ... or choosing random topics that "sound good" from strangers can lead you to end up with a topic that won't work well. You might get lucky, but then, you might not. Use the above systematic approach and you'll have an easier time.


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hello there!

I'v been searching for some topics which i can start conceptualizing about but i cannot decide which topic to pursue.

i am thinking about breastfeeding -- do you have any suggestions on what to research about this topic? thanks for any help!