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i hurt my back and neck while moving a patient. the back pain has resolved itself but 6 weeks later neck still swells (around C5,6 I think) and causes debilitating pain and headaches. the pain is burning in nature and is at times honestly a 7.

ive been going to PT and doing exercises at home...very little relief. finally my ortho doc ordered an MRI. the results showed pinched nerves.(i didnt think to ask him aboust subluxation) tomorrow i see another ortho doc who specializes in the spine. i want to try everything i can to avoid surgery. last night i was doing a search and about 100 ads for chiropractors came up.

im skeptical due to a VERY bad experience once with a chiropractor. i need to do something tho cos im not able to hold my head up for long periods of time or i will get a headache on the same order as a migrane and my neck swells and hurts. ill do the surgery if i have to but was wondering if anyone can suggest any other viable options.

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