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Need organizational protocol or guideline for Pediatric Temperature routes


Hey guys...

I've been reading this board for the past two years, but this is the first time I've posted...

I'm in my last semester of Nursing school (YEAH!!!) with 4 weeks to go. I am doing my FINAL paper of nursing school. It's an Evidenced Based Practice paper and I'm doing it on Rectal Temperatures as the gold standard. I did my summer externship in a local children's hospital E.D. where rectal temps were done on all children under three years of age.

I chose this topic because I wanted to find the true research on it and be able to educate parents on the true facts after I graduate.

Anyway, I have found a ton of articles on the various routes and what's good and what's not good. What I'm having a problem finding is any protocols or guidelines by national organizations that state... "Do it this route." I have been looking for the past two days for this and cannot find anything. I did find a magazine that the American Academy of Pediatrics puts out (Healthy Children) that states that Rectal method is preferred. I have emailed my clinical instructor to see if this is acceptable as a source. I already have my research article source and my second source... just wanted to get a protocol or guideline from an authority that was simply a protocol and NOT a research study...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!