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i am a 45 yr old female LPN with two more classes to be a R.N. new nurse one year LTC experience. just took job in hospital med surg telemetry. Want to get to ccu one day or open heart. This is a start. Want to learn could use guidance. I am personally smart with the heart since i am a heart pt since april 99. had triple bypass, collapsed arteries, 4 stents, 7 cardiac caths and experimental radiation to stents forrestenosis. so i am not totally dumb LOL sure would appreciate someone helping me thanks [email protected]


Just saw your question, and wondered if you got any responses to be your mentor. Also, wondered if you finished school and now have your license. Where are you working? Thought you might have a minute to give an update.


Hello, I am writing in regards to your need for a mentor. I am a CVICU nurse, I have only been a nurse for going on 4 years and I went straight out of Nursing School into CVICU. I think that if you are in pursue of becoming a CCU or CVICU nurse you should not waste any time and go directly into that field. As you say # 1 you are an LPN, so you should be sufficient on medication administration and # 2 you have been through some of those situations yourself that you patients will and are going through so you will have the knowledge base there. You always hear of people saying you need to get 1 year experience behind you in Med/Surg but I do not think that is necessay. My reason for that is when you come from the floor to a unit then you are not going to know anything more about vents, IABP, Swans, PA pressures, Epi drips, Neo drips and all that other stuff that goes along with it. Than if you just started there in the unit. Maybe start out in CCU and then progress to CVICU. Just to see how you do there, because CVICU is very intense and well, it is an unstable environment as far as patients are concerned, but if you are strong in your knowledge base and have established a sense of confidence about yourself, I would go straight to CVICU. Like I said I went to CVICU right out of school and I would have not done it any other way, looking back. It is very rewarding for me.



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