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Need some inspiration


I would like to say hello to everyone and get some well needed advice. First, let me tell you about myself. I am a 32 yr old mom of 2, wife, student, and homemaker. I am on a waiting list at my local community college for their ADN program. From what I understand the class has already been chosen for Fall 2004 and I am #25 on the "waiting list". I have been working on all of my general education courses for almost 2 years now and have them all complete except for my Microbiology class which I am currently in this semester. Is anyone else having a hard time getting into nursing programs at community colleges elsewhere or at private hospitals? I have applied to 2 different schools, and feel as if I just cannot get in anywhere. I am very anxious about getting into a program next fall and have a GPA of 3.85, so I know my grades are not the issue. I really have no idea as to what to expect being #25 on a waiting list but am more than ready to begin my nursing classes. I decided to take all of my general education classes so that I could do really well in the nursing classes when the time came, but I am now feeling very down and out about my chances of getting in the fall semester of 2004 and I am more than ready to begin! Any advice would be appreciated.

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