Need Information on Telemedicine Program


Hey guys,

I am a Med-Surg nurse currently trying to balance working, studying and being a mom. Anyway, I need some assistance on an assignment if possible. I am researching telemedicine program specifically for CHF in the elderly. However, if anyone can provide information on any telemedicine program I would be grateful. I have to interview a nurse who has experience with this program and the questions are as follows (This is my first time on the forum so please forgive me if this post is inappropriate. Also if answering the questions below are too much, perhaps we could do a skype interview?):

What is the program?

What are the program’s specific objectives?

What is one of the main strategies used in the program? Why was that one chosen?

What level of intervention (primary, secondary, tertiary) does the program address?

What is your role in the program? Who else is involved, and what are their roles?

If you were involved in developing the program:

How was the program planned and implemented?

How has the program been funded?

What obstacles/challenges have you faced in developing or managing the program?

If you were not involved in developing the program:

Why and how was this program selected?

If this involves a referral, under what circumstances do you refer clients to this program?

What do you know about the planning and implementation of this program, and obstacles/challenges the program has faced?

What are the intervention program’s outcomes, and how are these measured/evaluated? What aspects of the program have been particularly successful? Unsuccessful?

If someone were to create a new program to address this health problem, what do you think are the most important factors to consider? Why?

A big THANK YOU to anyone able to help. I'm gonna post this in the general forum as well to see if I get a response. Muchas gracias!