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I'm looking for some information on chemotherapy gowns. Our company has been offered these gowns to add to our product line from one of our vendors, so I'm trying to evaluate the opportunity. The primary question I'm trying to answer is pricing. Would anyone be willing to help by replying with a "per piece" or a "per case" cost for these gowns? If it's per case, please include the quantity per case.

I'm not trying to solicit business or promote my company, I just want to make sure the pricing we're being offered is good so we're not priced out of the market and end up with a lot of unsellable stock. It appears prices found on the internet seem to be inflated.

The gown in question is a PP material with a PE coating, knit cuffs, and a Velcro-style neck closure, which seems to be the standard style.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :redbeathe


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We just use our isolation gowns. I'm not sure how a chemo gown would be different.

The difference is the chemotherapy gowns have a polyethylene coating over the polypropylene (which is what most isolation gowns are made of). This gives a fluid proof barrier instead of the "light splash" protection of the typical isolation gown. Isolation gowns are normally recommended for water-based fluid and non-hazardous liquids because of this limited splash protection.

Thanks for the reply!

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