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Hi, I am new to this website and figured maybe I would find some help here. I graduated from a 4 year University in Michigan with a bachelor's degree in nursing, graduated cum laude in 2005. I've taken the NCLEX exam three times and failed. I was working as a graduate nurse, then a nurse intern and now as a nursing assistant. Over the last few years I've kind of given up on becoming a nurse, yet I'm told all the time how good I would be as a nurse. I've stayed working in the hospital just to keep me around nursing and to try to keep my skills up. Am thinking about taking the test again, but I will definitely need a refresher course and some help in how to study for this test, considering whatever I was doing before didn't quite work for me. I did practice questions and took Kaplan, but it didn't help. Am having trouble finding refresher courses for people who are not RN's yet. Does anyone know of a good refresher course for a non-nurse? Any words of wisdom or ideas about what I should do would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

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I have a friend that didn't do that well in nursing school and SWEARS by the Kaplan NCLEX course. It's kind of pricey, but sounds totally worth it. She now is an ICU nurse. Keep trying!

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Texas BON now allows potential nurses like yourself to take Nurse Refresher Courses including clinical. Google Texas Nurse Refresher Program and should come up with several. Make sure they include clinical and you dont have to do your own (almost impossible) to do alone.

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