Need help with Wellness Diagnosis!


Below is the data. The client had a stroke one year ago. I need an appropiate wellness diagnosis. Her diagnosis was Risk for injury related to one sided weakness. Can somebody help please?

The client's daughter is able to take a day off once a month to take the client to hairdresser. The son takes the couple for groceries and other errands. On Sundays, the couple is picked up by the church bus for services and they stay for a social afterwards. The couple's children have expressed an interest in enrolling them in the senior center that offers many different activities. The children have requested a meeting with the social worker to discuss options. The client and her husband are interested in increasing their activities outside the home and to avoid any additional imposition on their children. The couple wants to maintain their independence as long as possible.


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How about Readiness for Enhanced Learning r/t health promotion?

Some outcomes from my book include:

1. Pt will meet personal health related goals

2. Pt will explain how to encorporate new health regimen into lifestyle.

3. Pt will list sources to obtain information.


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Thanks Mixy! I came up with readiness for enhanced independence, what do u think?


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If it's a NANDA approved ND then go for it. :)

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