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Need help!


I just took my NCLEX-RN last july 21 and found out I passed on the 23rd. Waited a month for my license and just called the BON this morning about the status of my application. They told me to mail a check worth 22$ for my criminal background check. My question is how do I do that? Just mail it to their office? Do I need to state it's for my criminal background check? Need clarifications over this if anyone undergo this same situation. Thanks in advance. God Bless!

Hi Mackie I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'm in similar situation. Have you gotten your license already?

I passed my NCLEX RN last September but until now I'm still awaiting for my fingerprinting or criminal history background check instructions. I've emailed and called NJ BON several times but they too seemed confused and not sure of their answers.

I hope anyone with similar situation/experience could share what they've done to finally get their license. Thank you so much.

Hello jamjudd, i actually just got my license like a week ago. It took 4 months for them to process it. I had my fingerprinting last year then it expired so I have to pay for the re-application fee but I didn't go thru the process again. My advice is to call them frequently and don't be afraid to ask. I called them like 2-3 times per week just to get an update. They gave a lot of excuses that's why you have to call them like a lot. There are some that are helpful and some that are confused as what you said. I hope you will be able to get your license sooner than mine. God Bless

Thank you for responding Mackie. Yes I'll do that, congratulations you finally have your license. God bless!