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if anyone could help me please do

i'm currently taking cna courses and id really like to know of hospitals in Illinois that have a pediatrics unit who also offer to pay for your schooling in return for you working there for x amount of time. if anyone could give me specific info on how to get ahold of these hospitals please let me kno



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I'm not quite understanding your position and you're asking for hospitals in an entire state.

First, you say you're in CNA classes (plural). You're in some program that requires multiple classes in order to obtain certification?

2nd, pay for what schooling. Nursing?

3rd, there are hundreds of hospitals in Illinois and you need to search the area of the state you are looking to reside and work in. I would suggest doing a "Google" on hospitals in 'x' where 'x' is the name of the city you're interested in. There are dozens of 'chain' hospitals (such as Advocate, Centegra, or Mercy) that operate multiple facilities.

Here is a link to give you the idea:

You'll need to contact the HR department in the hospital you're interested in to find what benes they provide. Websites might show you if they have a peds unit.

You need to narrow down what you're asking for.

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