Need help! - school assignment


Hello everyone! I am a student at Loma Linda University and i need help in answering some questions. I can seem to get a hold of school nurse in my area that is willing to take time to help. I understand they are all pretty busy. Can anyone help?

What of the nurses activities are community oriented?

What infectious diseases are routinely encountered in the educational setting? What are risk factors for disease in school-aged youth and the strategies employed to prevent infectious diseases in this age group.

what resources are available through the school for pregnancy prevention? What is the family life education curriculum, and identify potential teaching projects for nursing students?

Interview a school nurse, school nurse practitioner, or community health nurse clinical specialist for school-aged youth working in a school. How do they explain their roles in the school? What are the rewards? What are the frustrations?

Describe a client situation ( initiating, monitoring, evaluating resources) and the case management process that might occur in the following practice:

school nurse in an elementary school

school nurse in a high school


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I am wondering if you are needing to interview a CA nurse for this assignment since CA school nurse certification and school code are so specific to the state? CSNO has a listserv for all California School Nurse members - I am sure if they post your request there is someone who would help you over the phone - to write the answers out on a bulletin board might be too much for the busy school nurse.