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Need Help from Rehab nurses please!!

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Hi, I am an RN working in HH with one stroke victim. She can't talk, her right side is weak, and she gets PT 2 x a week. We can't get her OT and ST due to the home health company being unable to find anyone.

I want to help this young lady [57 y/o] as much as I can. I do ROM and PROM now but I really need pics of the hand and leg exercises to make sure I'm not hurting her. I watched PT yesterday and saw some of the exercises but would like pics to hang up and share with the other nurses on the case. I saw her sit on the side of the bed yesterday for 10 min!!! I cried. Right now we have to use a hoyer to get her up. I want to work with her, help her get stronger so she can have as much mobility as possible.

Also, is there any communications device that are used for someone who can't speak but might be able to write?

Are there books I can buy. or download to help me help this lady? She is my only patient and I see her 40 hrs a week.


In His Grace,

Karen RN

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I find if they cant respond verbally all repsonse are affected (writing etc) so picture boards are usually not successful. It is kind of a hit miss thing. Even if they can say yes no and you ask if they want Bathroom and yell no! It could still mean yes. Usually we use basic ROM and leave the pt stuff to them cuz they know how far to go etc. Very imp to teach any family the PROM to hands etc-you are only there 8hrs aday. Soon (not sure how long ago CVA occured) but they will start to stiffen. GOod luck

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