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My husband and I are planning to move to CA, probably the San Diego area, possibly LA area (nicer areas, though). I've been looking into hospital job opportunities in CA, and can get some ideas of which facilities to look into. However, especially with all of the news about the nursing staffing issues in CA, I'd much rather hear from nurses who are actually working in the trenches.

I'd be looking to work either in L&D, antepartum, or postpartum/gyn, and have experience in all those areas. I've worked in all sizes of facilities, from large teaching medical centers to small community hospitals, so I would feel comfortable at any size facility. I'm looking more for the best "environment" (management supportive of staff, respect of RNs by MDs, etc.)...and, of course, good pay and benefits are nice. :-)

Can any of you recommend any CA facilities, esp in the San Diego or LA area? What do you like about your facility, and why? How are the staffing ratios? What kind of unit are you working on? How big is your facility?

Do any of you advise against working in certain CA facilities? Why?

If you are uncomfortable with posting this info on a public forum, feel free to send me a private note, or email me at [email protected].


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