Need help with MDS worksheet for work


When setting the assessment reference date for PPS assessments, which of the following applies?

a. day one is the date of admission

b. day zero is the date of admission

c. you have 14 days to finalize ARD decision

d. day one if the first day of Part A coverage

What is the relationship between the assessment reference date and the RUG-IV category?

a. care and services delivered after the ARD and prior to the completion date of the MDS determine the RUG-IV category

b. Care and services must be delivered within two weeks prior to the ARD to contribute to the RUG-IV calculation

c. moving the ARD in one direction or the other changes the care and services captured on the MDS and therefore potentially changes the RUG-IV category

d. In relation to the care and services provided, the ARD and the RUG-IV category are independent of each other