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Hi everybody,

I have an interview for an RN position in the OR next week. I have very little experience with OR, as I have only been there about 5 times observing as a student. I currently work on a neuro med/surg unit and I am ready for a big change of scenery. I am hoping that somebody out there can help me come up with specific things that I should ask the manager about this job during my interview.

I was also wondering what the average requirements are for taking call, (How often, what shifts, etc.) Any info that I can get would be greatly appreciated since this is going to be a totally new area for me. Thanks alot.


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Every lace is different for call requirements, so it would be hard to give an idea except where i work. One day a week and a full weekend every 5 weeks. The weekend isn't as bad as it sounds, were not always as busy. Now, for the rest the top priority, since you have no experience would be how long a training period? If it is a large facility that does all specialties, OH, Neuro and such, I personally would expect up to 6 months, this is probably too long in some opinions but it is only my humble opinion.. Also, will you only be circulating? If so then this 6 months is just enough. Spending a number of weeks at the more complex areas will only make you a better circulator. I know there are others out there that will think 6 months is too long. Well, with what I have seen over the past 28 years and my experience as a Clinical instructor, at one time, 6 months isn't long enough! There isn't anything routine in the OR, every case is a little different. If a department is commited to training an individual to be the best they can be then there shouldn't really be a deadline. I feel after a few months the preceptor will get a feeling for you and let you know one way or another. The other question comes from you, ask yourself after a while, "is this for me?' There will be days where you want to throw in the towel and go back to what you were doing before. DON'T! Patience is the greatest asset. If you want it bad enough you will work through anything and especially everybody. I guess what I am saying is give the nurse manager the impression that this what you have always wanted to do because OR training is a long commitment not only for you but also for the department. In the interview show the interest, ask the right questions and it will be OK. I probably wouldn't worry about the call as much because it might imply that you are concerned about having to stay over or work the weekend. In OR nursing this is just a given and expected. Mostly ask them what they expect out of you, but definitely get a timeline on orientation because the more the better. Good luck! I hope things go well for you. Mike

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My interview went really well. I have to go back for a peer interview next week. They said that orientation would be approximately 6 months long which is good. I'm sooooooooooo excited. I can't wait to get out of Med/Surg and into the OR.

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