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I have an interview this week at a medium security prison in Indiana. After setting up the interview, I have heard from someone that used to work there that this facility has security issues. This would be a first time job in corrections and I have no idea what kind of questions to ask them regarding their security. It would be nights. This facilty did have a riot back in April of this year. I guess what I'm trying to ask, is what type of things should I look for and ask about during the interview.




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Its kind of like a military recruiter, not saying they give lies, but the truth is bent a bit.

They will tell you that you will have an escort at all times, yeah, where are my escorts?

Reading the paper, napping since they work so many doubles, or irritated that they should escort me.

Things may be much different for you in Indiana than here in california.

Rather than asking if you get an escort, ask how many staff assaults there have been in the past year.

Find out for sure what your pay is.

Ask if OT is mandatory, and if so, how much do they make you do a week.

What days off do you get, how is seniority done.

I'd ask for Phone numbers of nurses working.

Its really one of those things, the recruiter will say one thing, the job is really something different.

You really won't know till you work a few weeks.

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i have an interview next week, i was wondering what kinds of questions they ask at a correction facility

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