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My name is Kimberly and I am looking to kick off a career of international nursing starting in Ireland (Dublin or Cork). I am a Registered nurse with an Associates Degree. I do not know if this qualifies me to work there. My goal is to work in Ireland while continuing my nursing education. What I need to know is:

*Can I work in Europe\UK with an Associates Degree?

*Are there any organizations that assist in this sort of transition?

*What is the job market-Do I stand a chance even finding a job?

*Can I specialize while I am there? (I am looking to work in Critical Care\A&E\ER\Trauma).

*What are the starting and average yearly salaries?


*Any information at all!!!!!

Please leave information here or e-mail me at [email protected]

Thank You!

Ann Kimberly

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For anyone interested in this topic, I have found an agency that recruits to London, throughout England, Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Middle East. It is called Kate Cowhig International Recruitment. Websit; (1-800-897-9587-USA or 1-800-400-0489-Canada) Check it out!!!

---and good luck!

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