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Need help in finding job

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I live in a semi-small town and there really is not a nursing shortage in the hospital. I graduated with an ADN in 2009 and have worked PT in a mental institution for just two months (it was not for me), and PT in a pediatrician's office. I love pads and I love nursing. However, the hospital here did not hire me when I was job looking because I did not do a nurse externship as my schooling was in a different city. They were only hiring externs as they don't need new nurses. Well, I went back to get my BSN and I had a clinical with a nurse manager in peds. She seemed interested in me and we got along so I gave her my resume along with a cover letter telling her that I really enjoyed her unit and I feel as a newer nurse I have not had acute care experience and would love to have the opportunity on her unit to acquire that as I am eager to learn and have some experience with the pediatricians on her unit and general knowledge that would benefit me. She called me and told me when a position opened up she'd keep me in mind. A position did open up and she immediately called me a month before the position was even available and told me to apply and I'd have to go through the regular interview process. I have been in contact with her twice since then and she told me to be patient as the holiday times are very busy. I did call and leave a voicemail which she responded to and told me she'd forgotten about the position opening because she was so busy but that she was glad I had called as she needs to work on that next week. That was two weeks ago. I left one more voicemail and have yet heard anything. I really feel that I have missed out on getting experience in a hospital and I really want that experience. I would work on any unit because I feel I am losing my knowledge and skill base in an office setting. What should I do? I have applied to other units and another hospital 45 mins away but have yet to hear from anyone. This is reminding me of when I was a brand new grad applying and spent 3 months trying to get hired. I had a great GPA in school and now I graduated with honors in the RN-BSN program.

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