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Need help fast - have paper due


Hello Nurses,

I have a paper due for my BSN class which is due this Wednesday. Tonight is the only time that I have to work on it because I work and have a child and have classes during the week. I am stuck on an idea for a topic. Once I have a topic, then I can quickly do the research and write the paper. Please if anyone has an idea please share.

Here is the assignment: Select a nursing intervention related to an area of adult health dicussed in this course. For each area students should find 2 research articles that either support or discredit the identified nursing interventions. The research will be discussed in class and a 2-3 page summary will be submitted to the instructor.

Ok, so 2-3 pages is not bad. But I can not think of any good topics. I spent all day saturday endlessly searching the internet and library catalogs. Please help!!


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mouth care, catheter care, cooling blankets, incentive spirometor

Thanks for the ideas... I ended up going with Written Instruction for Medication Management in the Older Adult... Best I could come up with since I am sick with a headache and my 2 year old won't go to bed hehehe

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