Need help with Erickson stage, please!!!


In clinicals I had a 94 year old who had dementia and was in soft wrist restraints because he was pulling at his IV and catheter and pushing the staff when they were doing CMS checks, trying to clean him up, etc. He also reverted back to his native language (Spanish) when the dementia started, according to his wife. He was given Ativan in the AM to calm him down so between that and the language barrier he was just moaning and groaning all day.

That said, part of the assignment on my care plan is to identify the expected Erickson Stage (obviously you would expect Integrity vs. Despair due to his age) and also the actual Erickson Stage. I'm having problems with the actual stage. He was pretty much non verbal so I can't go by his speech and I just have no idea what to put and/or the reason for varience (if any).

Does anyone have any ideas????? :idea:


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What other things are going on? Trust issues? I remember a test question which asked at which stage would a 35-year old be going thru if client states, "Get away from me, you are all trying to hurt me!"

The answer was trust vs mistrust


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Remember to look for info from the chart and family--not just your assessment. If the man had a successful career and family and was living a fulfilling life before the dementia onset, then he would probably be in the expected age. But if he never achieved personal success, a family, autonomy, trust, etc., then he couldn't have conquered the corresponding stage.


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