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Good Afternoon Nurses,

I just joined a couple of days ago and I was hoping that I could get some help. I am currently in Arizona attending ASU for my Bachelors degree in Exercise and Wellness. I am ultimately interested in Physical Therapy but thats an additional 3 more years of school for my Masters. While in school I am a waitress and I absolutely HATE it. I want to do something different. I have always been interested in Nursing and would love to go to an accelerated BSN program based university. I live in New Jersey and am looking in the Tri-state area for schools. I do know that has an accelerated program in 11 months and I am definately going to apply there. I was curious if there were any other schools with that kind of program either in PA, NJ, MD, or DE? If anyone has any information or advice for me...that would be so helpful. Thanks a bunch! :clown:

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