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Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help regarding applying a nursing intervention and I am to use that intervention and apply it one of the themes of the Ottawa Charter.

I am wondering how I can propose a nursing intervention that can improve the health for a paraplegic community? Are there any health promotion Rns here.

can anyone help me or has this got you stumped too :uhoh21:

kind regards

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The teaching plan for the client with an SCI (spinal cord injury) includes:

physical mobility and activity skills

ADL (activities of daily living) skills

Bowel and bladder retraining program

Skin care to prevent pressure ulcers

Medication teaching

Sexuality education

Hope that helps... not sure what exactly you are looking for... but thats the basics.

Since you are talking about a community I assume you mean patients who have been paraplegics for some time. So they probably have already learned the basics on self care and mobility ect. You can reinforce teaching about range of motion exercises to prevent a DVT. Also you can reinforce teaching to prevent pressure ulcer, contractures, and thromby formation.As well as prevention of UTI and constipation.

Being they may have trouble coping emotionally and financially then you would use collaborative interventions such as referalls to clergy, psychologists, and support groups.


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Thank you NRS Angie

I will try my best to use one of those interventions. This is my last essay for the semester and to me its a hard one.

Thankyou :)

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