Need help coming up with instructor gifts

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As class representative I went to my fellow students (there's only 5 in the class!) and asked for input as to gifts to present to our instructors at our upcoming graduation to thank them for sharing their knowledge and was met by some pretty negative feedback.:banghead: So, I've decided to go about it and either purchase gifts on my own or make something (I'm pretty crafty). I, of course, will present them from the whole class even if no one pitches in. Any suggestions on what I could make or buy? I would like the gifts to be memorable but fairly inexpensive.

Thanks for any/all suggestions!:thankya:

Before making or buying any gifts for nursing school staff and instructors, check the gifting policy of the college and in particular the nursing department. Where I graduated, the policy allowed for gifts $25 or less only. The rationale was to avoid the appearance of favoritism. My graduating class was small as well-7 graduated, we began with 11. In any case, a classic, albeit predictable gift, is a signed picture of the class in an engraved frame. Sorry that I don't have any original ideas.....Congratulations on successfully completing nursing school.

Thanks so much for your input. I had no idea about the gifting policies, I'll have to check into that. Thank you! Best wishes to you!

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