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Need help to choose- Peds or L&D

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Hi everyone. I have been doing adult/ geriatric nsg for 6 years. I feel like I need a big change in my life. Can't deside, though, L&D or peds? I was hosp. w/ my daughter in children's and got totally inspired to go to peds. But, L&D also sounds very interesting. Do you love doing peds? Did you have a hard time in the beginning working w/ sick kids? (CP, feeding tubes, mult. retardations, deformities, etc.) I'm afraid I won't be able to handle it, being a mom of 2 myself. Please, share your experience. (L&D has its drawbacks as well- stillborns, preemies, etc)


Here's more details:

Peds position -great children's hospital, medical floor, great sign on bonus, close to home.

L&D- have to start home health Kaiser, then try to transfer to L&D training (long story why, but that's the way it is). No guarantee when would be able to transfer. Have been out of hspital for 3 years, so HH will not count as experience if this does not work out. GREAT benefits.


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I picked peds!!! Count me in!


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I did my final rotation in nursing school in L&D (we got to choose) and then ended up in a peds er. I decided not to do L&D just because it really wasn't for me... I like workin with boys AND girls and I love talking to toddlers... they're so cute! And I love the variety in the peds ER. Just today I sedated for a chest tube insertion, splinted a few arms, rehydrated some VERY dehydrated kids, and helped with an intubation! What other unit can ya do all those things in one day! But, ya gotta go with your heart... most important is good teammates and a good environment. Having people you can rely on means everything. Hope things go well for ya!

EDIT: Realized I didn't answer all of your questions. The kids with chronic conditions are hard to deal with at first, but there are some tricks and you'll learn them as you go along. Like ask parents how their child normally acts and what works and doesn't work... they're your best resource here. Also, it can be hard with deaths... not so much with the chronic kids, but with drownings and traumas. As long as you have a good outlet for stress, you'll be OK (I have a horse I ride, and I like to shop too!).

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Glad to hear you made up your mind!! Peds is so rewarding (for me anyway)...I've had the opportunity to watch these little one's grow, and be a part of their recovery.

You may find kids with chronic conditions hard to deal with as other posters have said...but every new admission ( or new shift for that matter) is another opportunity for us to learn/care/ make a difference. And rest assured that you do make a difference.

Good luck with peds!!


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