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i just got my Associate degree from Liberal Art: math and science. (A.S) with 3.1GPA. i know it is very low and its is very hard to get into the program with low GPA. i want to know what would be the best way to be become Nurse. should i start with LPN cuzz i can't get into Rn program. Or should i go to 4 year college and do my BA on bio. and later on try to Get into accelerate BSN program. Please Help.

which CUNY college can i go for this program which will be better for me?


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I was in a similar predicament exactly 3 years ago, with a lower GPA and a good amount of worthless credits. I took a big risk entering LPN school, pretty much in the hopes of bridging over right away. It sounded like a simple plan, but theres so many variables involved, if one thing was off, I could have easily been set back 6+ months.

I went to VEEB for LPN and had my sights set on Helene Fuld for RN. My goal was to achieve 85+ in every class in LPN, so I could bypass the 1 year work requirement of Helene Fuld. I laid back a little second semester after a excellent first and ended up with an 85.2 in Pharm. I was 0.3 points away from a set back.

Then there was the problem of the antiquated way VEEB sends out academic records, I graduated in August and the earliest I could start Helene would be April the following year. Had VEEb been able to simply just print out my records and send them out, there was a decent chance I would have started 3 months later in November.

Everything happens for a reason though. VEEB had never informed me of their articulation agreement with Nassau Community. So Nassau sent me a letter to try out for their program, a few months after I graduated. If I had A&P, English, Psych etc. credits. All I had to do was take a dosage test and get a 90 since I had a 90+ average at VEEB. For some reason I blanked out on the test and forgot about pediatric dosing rules, luckily I guessed right and got 100 on the exam. Also had I been missing a pre-req, that would have been an extra semester, I'm extremely fortunate, they had open seats and I started nursing courses in less than a month.

Now I'm less than a month from graduating from the Nassau RN program. I hope you can see how it's not as clear cut as it seems. It's even worse in the CUNY system. There are many LPN's waiting for seats to open up. They don't really allot seats to LPN's, essentially a student needs to fail to open the door for an LPN.

There's the financial aspect too. Helene Fuld will end up running you close to 20k.

Another option you have are RN diploma schools such as St. Paul's, LICHSON, Cochran.

You'll be spending at least 30k+ at each school, but in 2 years you'll have an RN diploma.

Make sure you can dedicate the time to it, I literally put many things on hold for once in my life once I started doing nursing, but now I'm all the better for it.

Good Luck, I hope you learned from my experience, but weigh your options, there are plenty.

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owow thank you so much for the information. i see how hard it is. well congratulation that u r about to graduate.

it just i am still trying to figure out what i should do. I really dont want to stress out and regrade if i start any program. thats why i am just trying to figure out. Let me know if you can tell me anything about ASN or LPN program. and let me know how things goes with u .