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need a change of pace!

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Hello there. I have 6 years of nursing experience in a broad range of areas. I do not have any experience however in HHC or CM. I do not have any advanced degrees either. Can anyone tell me if it would be at all possible to land a job as a CM? Thanks in advance to all who reply.:D

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Sure, it's possible! I was a bedside nurse for 5 years, then acutally worked in the tech industry for a while. I decided I was ready to get back to my roots, so-to-speak. I acutally was offered 2 different CM positions...the only two I applied for. One for an insurance company, and the other in acute care. Being out of the clinical arena for so long worried me, but I had at least taken a nursing refresher course several months before my Job Search. I took the position in acute care since it paid better and was closer to home.

Unfortunately, it's not what I expected it would be. I'm trying to hang in there for at least a year to see if things get better, but it's doubtful. Case management isn't for everyone. Sure, the hours may seem nice, but I work lots of extra uncompensated time because there's just so much to do. As a bedside nurse, I thought I was in tune with my patients' psychosocial needs, but it's just the tip of the iceberg and the CM is the one who has to look beneath the surface. I just find the position to be overwhelmingly draining emotionally and mentally. There are good days and bad, as there are with any job. I don't think I've quite learned yet that there's only so much I can do as an individual.

I don't want to be discouraging, this has just been my experience. It was easy to get the job, it's just a whole different picture looking from inside out.

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