Need Career Advice - Switch from Mother/Baby to Med-Surg


Hello Everyone!

I'm a New Grad who recently graduated in May 2016 and passed the NCLEX in August! Since then, I've been looking for jobs but was only able to focus more after I passed my NCLEX. After 4 months or so, I could not find another job besides the position I have already accepted - an RN on a Mother/Baby unit.

Unfortunately, Mother/Baby Nursing is not part of my future plans. I have always loved and aspired to work in Critical Care, intending to gain experience in Med/Surg to work my way up there. Despite this setback, I am determined to do whatever it takes to work my way back to Med/Surg and subsequently Critical Care, hopefully.

The most important question I pose to all of you is what can I, as a New Grad in Mother/Baby, do to prepare myself as a strong candidate for this transition in a year-and-a-half/two year's time?

Other questions I have are:

1. Will it be possible for me to make this transition in 1.5/2 year's time? How difficult will this transition be, especially if I may be rooted in Mother/Baby ways?

2. How can I be more competitive in this market?

3. What are the opinions on possibly participating in various units' Med/Surg competency days, especially if they are department-run/specific?

4. Should I get relevant Med/Surg certifications and/or ACLS and/or PICC training?

5. What will I need to do to convince Med/Surg departments that despite my Mother/Baby experience, I will be able to work on these floors as a confident, competent nurse?

I have a lot of questions and concerns so any advice or help anyone can provide would be so greatly appreciated!! And thank you so much in advance!! 2MzmrmldDUluFszY4BeNRUhFw8YnK8nLzkBNSYABAA==