Need Advice: University of New Mexico versus CNMCC


Hey y'all! Longtime lurker here. I saw a similar post, but it didn't give me quite the info I'm looking for. I've been accepted to a dual-degree ADN/BSN program at CNMCC in ABQ, NM. I've been working on compliance and enrollment for this program since I got the notification of acceptance.

Just yesterday, I got a notification from UNM saying I'm being offered a seat in their BSN program. I'd really like to accept the UNM one, but there are a couple issues that are making me reticent. 

Here's my deal: I jacked up my undergrad GPA in my first Bachelor's degree, and graduated with a 2.86. IK, not great. I was young and dumb. BUT I've held between a 3.8 and 4.0 in all of my post-bacc work (including my nursing pre-reqs). Downside is, I was told that none of my grades from CNMCC will transfer over into my UNM GPA for my BSN. 

I ultimately want to be able to apply to NP programs someday. If I take the UNM option, all of the courses will factor into my GPA, and I have the potential to raise it above minimum for NP programs. Before you say it, I am aware that Nursing Schools don't just hand out A's and B's. But I'm able and willing to put in the effort to achieve as high a standard as I can. 

Other downside is a $40,000 loan that I'd have to take out to pay for the UNM program, versus $7,000 for the CNMCC/UNM dual-degree option. 

At the end of the day, I'm (hopefully) going to end up with a BSN from UNM. 

If anybody has experience with either program that they're willing to share, that would be awesome! Any advice on this matter would be much appreciated. 


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I just wanted to say congrats for getting accepted to both! I’m currently a CNM student aiming at either CNM’s associates program, or the dual degree program. Good luck! I hope you get some great advice here. 

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Congratulations on getting into both programs! I’m curious what you ended up deciding to do and why? And maybe to hear a bit about your experience now that you’re likely already in nursing school.