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i need advice !!!!

Does anyone knows about kingsborough nursing program .... I'm currently in csi I have all the pre requ classes that's required for nursing . I want to transfer to Kingsborough in the spring. I want to take the NLN at csi ... And then just submit my score over to Kingsborough, along with my transcript .Do you think that's possible would they accept it? Do you think I will go straight into the nursing program since I already have all the requirements.I just don't want to waste any time .... Is kingsborough college accredited for nursing


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I don't have answers to your questions, but they should be easy to find if you just look and make a phone call. Whether or not they are accredited and by what accrediting body can be found either on the school website or the BON website for your state. As far as where you have to take your entrance exam and what classes you will be enrolled in upon acceptance can be answered by just calling the nursing advisor for the school. Very simple.


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