Need Advice...


Right now I am working on my pre reqs. I am also working at a group home helping people with mental disabilities. It was a situation that happened and I pray and hope I didn't mess up my chance to become a nurse. Here's the situation:

I was working Tuesday afternoon and one of my consumers was upset because her boyfriend broke up with her. The other staff and I had a talk with her about the situation. She went outside on the porch for a cigarette then came back in the house and went downstairs. The other staff and I finish completing the rest of the documentation and begin cleaning up the house. I peeped in on the other consumers including her to see if everyone was sleep. It appeared that everyone were in their beds. After cleaning I went back upstairs and sat on the couch until my shift was done which was at 12. The other staff shift over was at 11. Her relief came in and the staff I was working with got her things in left. Everything seem fine until the police came knocking on the door and it shocked me. I thought one of the other consumers called 911 from their phone. The police said they have one of my consumers in the car. She was walking outside by herself. I and the other staff got the consumer out the police car and brought her inside to talk to her. I did the standard procedures to calm her down and notified the supervisor. I also wrote an incident report. I left and went home after everything was calmed and my relief came. Now when I get to work the following day, I got a 3 day suspension and also a rights case might be invstigated. I honestly don't know what to do or think. I know what I should of done better by checking in the room but now this incident might stop me from becoming a nurse. On the write up ia says abuse and neglect 2 and 3 and endanger of the consumer health and safety. Can anyone offer any words on what to do?!! Should I just start looking into another career?!!