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My name is Stephanie:eek::eek: and I am from the MD area. I need advice badly , about a job situation. Ok here it goes I applied for this job that a family member of mine used to work at and I filled out all the paper work. The lady told me to come back and then she would talk to me about the position. Well anyways she never called me back I would call her and then finally I got her on the phone and she told me that I needed to talk to someone else and so I did. Now this person had me come up there and I filled out the paper work and everything, and then she drops the bombshell that the position is not a permanent position and that it is a PRN position and that I have to get a DC license and once I get that I can start working, she couldn't even tell me when the orientation was. I don't know what to do , should I take the position or not, I'm confused need help desperately?

Oh yeah I'm a new grad with little health care experience.



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You can't take a position you haven't been offered. Since you live in MD and they told you to get a DC license, you might want to do that. That way you can look for jobs in both areas and commute, if it's not too far. I'd keep looking. It doesn't sound like they have a job for you right now. Get the DC license and apply everywhere you can.


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Thank You for the advice Namaste Nurse. That's the same thing my friend told me to do.

I'll definitely try and get the DC license and look elsewhere for jobs.