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Need some advice!!!!


I am working as PCA ( Patient Care Associate) at a Hospital . The pay is about $ 18 per hour. I want to become a RN. I was planning to become a LPN first; then LPN-RN afterwards. I am confessed which route I should go to. I have an associate degree in another field and are missing the science courses to go to nursing school. I applied for Board of Education LPN program, did the CNET test and are waiting for the result. I need so advice what should I do. Which route is easier , cost effective and time consuming? Thanks for all help in advance.:nuke:

RochesterRN-BSN, BSN, RN

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First off.........$18/hr for a tech! Damm, I have to wonder what the RNs make there! I need to move there! lol Where are you living?

Okay so I would say you are probably better off to take the classes you need at a community college so that you can transfer into a 4 year BSN program. Likely the easiest and quickest. Good luck to you

hi you said you make 18 were do u live i live in NY and that seems to be the range here i want to ask u some questions scene your in the filed im training for

i was in the same position as you. i have 3 yrs of bachelor (which i could use much of my credits towards RN) but i chose LPN because i could start working as an LPN and "hopefully" the job will offer tuition reimbersement. I could wait/afford going to all the prereqs + RN school without working. i graduated in march/2009, got my license 3 weeks ago and i'm placing my resumes out. so good luck with your choice.

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