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My pediatrics class is going to a health fair at a school (kindergarden t0 2ndgrade) and I am doing bicycle safety and I want to make up a game for the kids to help them learn, but I cant think up or make a game. any advice will be helpful. thanks. :)


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You could make up flash cards with a letter of the alphabet on each one. Then as you hold each one up the kiddos could yell out a word that begins w/ that letter. A word that has somthing to do w/ safety. ie........ H----- Helmet.......and so on. You could give a prize or somthing to the first kiddo to answer????? Just an Idea!!!! Good luck!


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While I'm thinking about it, if anyone ever needs to do a "heart health" program for kids, Just call the AHA in your area. Most of them have "kits" aimed at different age levels, I used one for kindergarden age and it was a blast.

Good luck on your project.


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We did a similar safety event at our elementary school. It was in the gym so we had a bit of space. Day-glo cones were set up in a slalom and we had a couple of larger trikes and bikes with training wheels, and helmets. (Kids wore cheapy surgical caps under the helmets to avoid contamination from one head to the other). The kids had to answer a few safety questions (about helmets, what to do if a car approaches, what part of the street do you ride on--not in the middle, etc.), then could do the slalom. At the end, they got a stamp from our station on a card.

When they had completed all the stations (boating safety, stop-drop-and-roll, how to exit a house on fire--we had 'em crawl through a tunnel, seat belt wearing) and had all the stamps, they were entitled to a water bottle with the school's name inscribed as a prize.

The event was very popular, especially the booth where kids could pretend to dial 911 and got an operator on the other end. They picked a card out of a deck with an emergency situation (your house is on fire, your babysitter has fainted, etc), dialed 911, and role played with the operator on tbe other side.

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