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I am a 29y/o NICU nurse. I just moved to Georgia bought a new house. I am married with 4 kids and a supportive husband. I have Med/Surg experience 1 year, Labor and Delivery experience 2 years, SICU/MICU experience 2 years and I am currently going into my 3rd year of NICU. I have moved around trying to find my niche. I am not a happy RN in the NICU. I do not feel fulfilled. When I moved from NY to Georgia the nursing here is a bit different especially in the autonomy. I wanted to become a CRNA from the first day I saw one when I was on the L&D unit. This is why I went to the MICU. My problem was timing. I then in turn got married and started having kids so the timing was off. Long story short. Is this a fulfilling job. My personality is that I love the adrenaline of a code. I work great under pressure. I am an extremely quick learner and I am a sponge show me once and I got it. I am the first person at the code if I am not pushing a med I am doing compressions. I love inserting lines I am waiting for the classes to take my PICC insertion certificate. I love learning new things and the feeling of helping someone. Instant gratification is what makes me happy. I just pray that my personality reflects what is needed in a CRNA if not I think I am going to get out of nursing. I know bedside nursing is not for me and NP (no offense) is not my cup of tea either and please lets not get into nurse adminstration. I just would like to hear from others if they think my personality traits would fit the traits of a CRNA.

My BSN GPA is 3.4. My science in nursing included An A in A&P I an B+ in A&P II , A in Micro, A in Chem I am working on preparing for my GRE. I welcome the advice from all. I just want a fulfilling job that I feel my experience,skills, knowledge are used to the best of their ability. Sorry for the long post just feeling frustrated in the world of nursing.


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Based on your self-description and your string of fields within nursing, I don't think you should commit to anesthesia at this point. It appears you get bored or sidetracked within your field and move to another. This is fine and one of the great benefits of the nursing field. It doesn't seem anesthesia has been the center of your planning either, having 4 kids by 29. Not that it can't be done with kids, but I'm surprised you didn't get grad school done earlier, if you were that focused on anesthesia. If I were you, I would focus on finding an ICU where you're happy. Find a place with super sick patients in an area that you enjoy (neuro, trauma, CV, etc). It sounds like you just haven't found the right unit for you, but would enjoy critical care as a field. If you find all those challenges that you want and still desire anesthesia, see if you and your husband agree on taking the family through anesthesia school. But I don't think I'd do it just because you don't like NICU.

Good luck! :D

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