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I am new to the website but have found this to be an excellent resource. I am planning on applying to CRNA school for fall 07. Couple of questions. What would be the best letters of recomendation? I am going to get one from my SICU manager and also a charge nurse. I am thinking of getting one from a my pathophys professor in nursing school. I also have been shadowing a CRNA and could get a letter from her. I could also get a letter from the director of my SICU who is an internist. I am not sure about the strongest direction for my letters. Long post but one more question. How strict are schools about chem/stats being over 5 years old. I finished Bio degree about 7 years ago with both classes. Need to get apps in havent retaken these classes. thanks for any advice.


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I am sure that people will tell you differently, however here is my two cents worth. I think that you should get one Recommendation from a professor that can attest to you educational/ study habits. Another one should be from your nursing director or supervisor. And I think that the third one should be from a CRNA, too me this shows you have been in contact with a CRNA and have one available that can answer some of your questions. These are the references I used and alas I start school in about a week. I am not sure about the strictness of the classes, but I would recommend taking those outdated, at least the major classes Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, etc. It will increase your odds.


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Hi All,

I'm also a prospective SRNA for the Columbia University Fall 2008 class and what I have learned by visiting these schools is that each university has their own unique set of criteria. I would strongly recommend you establishing a relationship with the CRNA recruiter at the schools you are most interested in and have a face to face with them. Bring your transcripts just in case too. I have also learned that science courses at some schools have no expiration date if you have a BSN which I understood to be a blanket requirement to any CRNA program today. But again, I stipulate...every school is different. When I visited Columbia U, I point blank asked the recruiter what will make me the most qualified applicant based on what he had just learned and seen about me. And I honestly believe I received the best advice I could have ever expected.

Give it a shot...can't hurt and plus it will help you start practicing your interviewing skills :)

Best wishes and keep us posted on your progress,



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Most programs will give you instructions telling you who they want references from, i.e., immediate supervisor, nursing instructor, etc....just ask. Don't bother trying to get "impressive" people to write them for you like big name surgeons or Deans of schools, just get the people that know you best. I only submitted my immediate supervisor and a nursing colleague and got in, but like I said, the program should let you know.

As for the old science courses, again, program specific. Ask the program, I think it is generally OK if they aren't more than 10 years old.

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