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Need Advice Regarding Pay


I have been offered a position within my current hospital on another unit. They tell me that all nurses that graduated the year I did make the same amount-a metric system. Yet I know my previous hospital would start me higher than what they are offering(my current pay) given the years of experience I have now. Do any of you have experience obtaining an increase on a transfer? It seems like you can't ever get your pay increased unless you leave organizations and go to new ones besides getting the regular 2% a yr. I feel very frustrated. I would like to stay with my current organization there so much I like about it, but I can't help but feel I am being paid less than I should and that I will continue to make that pay for a more difficult position? I have explained all this to them and they say there is "no wiggle room".

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What you are experiencing is common. If you are transferring from one unit to another within the same hospital -- and the 2 positions are at the same level (pay grade), then there is no reason for them to give you a raise at the time of transfer. To move up the pay scale, you'll need to aspire to jobs that involve a promotion up the career ladder, taking more responsibility or take a job that earns more differential pay for working unpopular shifts, etc.

If people got raises every time they made a lateral move within the same hospital ... staff would be transferring constantly from unit to unit just to get the raises. That would be a disaster in that no one would stay in one place long enough to develop any expertise.

Sometimes, switching institutions gets you higher pay -- if that new employer pays more. But sometimes that strategy can backfire. You can end up with fewer benefits, or less vacation time, or worse schedules etc. because you will have less seniority in the new place.